I've been hopelessly passionate about development, automation, and building software for as long as I can remember. I've been hooked on computers since way back when I was coding in Visual Basic on good ol' America Online. These days, you'll usually find me at home, hanging out in my own personal datacenter. It's like my little playground, where I'm constantly iterating on technology that I find interesting and finding outlets to publish and share.

Throughout my career, I've made some pretty cool contributions in the Open Source world. One of my proudest moments was playing a major role in the development of Docker. I've also worked at some other great companies like Kentik, MariaDB, and Rancher Labs. Throughout it all, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with an expansive ecosystem of builders. The art? Bridging the gap between tech and business. It has been incredible, but I'm still learning.

I genuinely love helping others succeed, whether it's through open-source tech or just lending a hand. This is a collection of things I am working on or thinking about, in the hopes that you might it useful.